Ted Case has written an outstanding book outlining the history of the electric co-op program. It should be required reading for every CEO, board member, and employee of every electric co-op in the country. This book should get your co-op blood pumping!

—Glenn English, Former U.S. Representative and NRECA CEO

Power Plays offers a dramatic, compelling account of the greatest political victories in electric co-op history. A must read for electric co-op leaders.

—Bob Bergland, Former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and NRECA General Manager

The forward march of America’s not-for-profit, member-owned electric cooperatives has been closely intertwined with decisions made in the Oval Office. Ted Case brilliantly brings to life how relations with the nation’s chief executive over the past seventy-five-plus years have impacted the ability of electric co-ops to fulfill their core mission: improving the rural quality of life.

—Perry Stambaugh, Senior Director and Editor, Rural Electric (RE)
Magazine and creator of the Electric Cooperative Almanac

Ted Case has added an important volume to the history of one of the most important public private partnerships ever conceived . . . the electrification of rural America. Through insightful research and novelist prose, he takes us on a journey of how rural electric cooperatives changed the course of history by engaging U.S. presidents over the past 75 years. Current leaders in the cooperative movement could use it as a playbook for the next 75 years.

—Adam Schwartz, Founder, The Cooperative Way

 Nebraska Senator George Norris, who with House Speaker Sam Rayburn framed the Rural Electrification Act, observed that REA “will have made one of the greatest contributions toward the improvement of farm life that could possibly be imagined.” In his astonishing book, author Ted Case tells how electric cooperatives took the battle to keep REA as the “greatest contribution” to a succession of abiding and antagonistic presidents.

—Mark Glaess, Manager, Minnesota Rural Electric Association