ted_case_authorTed Case is the executive director of the Oregon Rural Electric Cooperative Association in Salem, Oregon. From 1997–2008, he served in the Government Relations Department of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association in Arlington, Virginia. He has a M.A. in Fiction Writing from Johns Hopkins University. He lives in Wilsonville, Oregon, with his wife, Nicole, and two children, Malia and Jack.


Ted Case has added an important volume to the history of one of the most important public private partnerships ever conceived . . . the electrification of rural America. Through insightful research and novelist prose, he takes us on a journey of how rural electric cooperatives changed the course of history by engaging U.S. presidents over the past 75 years. Current leaders in the cooperative movement could use it as a playbook for the next 75 years.”

­—Adam Schwartz, Founder, The Cooperative Way